Suzanne Jan De Beur

Dave Smith, Shawn Saffran (project manager) and the Smithouse team accomplished the impossible. They made a 5-month, live-in renovation not only possible but enjoyable! We are so thrilled with the end result of our beautiful addition and renovations, but I am even more astonished that the process I dreaded for so long went so seamlessly. Even our dog (not to mention the family), who was the recipient of extra attention (and even walks!) during the day, was in mourning when the Smithouse team left!

From the bid process to the punch list, the Smithouse team was honest, professional, courteous, patient, flexible, communicative and respectful. I was extremely impressed with their organization, project management, work quality and can-do attitude. Our weekly meetings were very effective because there was open communication about the status of the work, selections that were due, and brainstorming about solutions to problems. Our project was a real collaboration. Dave and his team helped us realize our vision step-by-step. We worked closely to design the kitchen, the cabinets, the bathrooms, the family room, the coffers and many other details. Dave always had great suggestions that were spot-on and helped me make the appropriate selections. Unbelievabely, the project was on time and on budget. Any additional work requested on our end, was promptly researched, priced and presented to us for our approval.

Not only was the Smithouse team top-notch but the subcontractors that they hired had a similar demeanor, work ethic and work quality–truly outstanding. Even our neighbors (one of whom is a contractor) commented on the courteousness and respectfulness of the team and the high quality of their work. We did not have any complaints from our neighbors–only praise and requests for contact information.

I can’t thank Dave, Shawn and the whole team enough for helping us realize our vision for our home. It has changed the way we live and we only regret that we did not do it sooner. I would not hesitate to hire the Smithouse team again and in fact are planning to for phase II of our project. Smithouse is a real gem that will exceed your expectations and help you achieve the house of your dreams.